I travel to schools, colleges and communities to teach about personal responsibility, self-awareness and service to others. We can enjoy the most fulfilling relationships, global adventures, career success and physical health when we embrace a passionate level of personal responsibility.
Adopting these expansive principles into the foundation of my character has allowed me to grow in ways I could only dream of and has allowed space for miracles. I believe we are responsible to take care of our basic needs and then start creating and don’t stop! Bachelor of Arts- Behavioral Science w/ focus in Sociology Leveling certificate Speech and hearing sciences Jack Canfield Success Principles program Completion of curriculum with Klemmer and Associates (http://www.klemmer.com)
Progression and growth
Joy and fulfillment
I am available to speak to audiences of all sizes
In 2012, I published a book about personal responsibility, self-awareness and service to others.  You can find it here :