On the job training for teens

More often than not, adding a second artist to your event is a great idea! One of our unique offerings is that we empower teens towards becoming personally responsible, self-aware and service oriented through our body art platform. You are invited to a consider a meaningful way to add more entertainment to your event! Add to your event through our teen program  and enjoy more services at a lower cost than hiring additional professional artists. Student rates are around half the price of professional rates! 

From Shannon: "It is my pleasure to welcome this option to our family in the Los Angeles area, this is a long-time dream of mine to serve as a mentor in the teen community through creativity. I'm expanding my program and offering myself to more students. I've been doing a pilot for a year and a half and it's working very well!" 

We offer the following services with student performers:

  • Face painting
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Henna
  • Private appointments 

YMBA is expanding our program for 13-18 year olds focused on self-awareness, personal responsibility and service. Our students participate in trainings for face painting, glitter tattoos and henna and are available to provide these services at your events.  The party guests enjoy the students presence because they find them very relatable and the teens build experience in the event services industry and body art methods. We provide on the job training, leadership development and art education with our focus on addressing wholeness. 


Students are trained by professionals in a variety of fields and we hold our students up to standards of excellence.  Our students are: 

  • Insured
  • Use professional quality materials
  • Less Fast.  Our students are asked to complete at least 8  clients/hr (compared to 15/hr for professional).  
  • Attend skills and leadership development classes and are in contribution through community services
  • Student availability varies from professional artists
  • Your booking fees go towards trainings, supplies, student compensation and transportation

 We are raising funds via gofundme to purchase a van and the equipment to deliver services at community markets around the Los Angeles area.  If you can support our mission, we are so grateful! Thank you in advance!  Here is the link .  

Our mission statement: To reduce the occurrence of domestic violence by increasing self-worth through promoting personal responsibility, self-awareness and service through entrepreneurial education.

BASED ON AVAILABILITY. THIS OPTION IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ALL EVENTS BUT THERE ARE MANY PERFECT EVENTS! We reserve the right to decline the request when not appropriate. By selecting this option you are submitting a request for services. Student services are always an addition to a primary service.  Student booking length defaults to length of professional artist.  It is not possible to request student services for a different time duration than your professional artist as the student is under the care of the professional while at the event.  Student services may not be provided individually unless in a group market arrangement, Students are always accompanied by guardian representative of YMBA. Thank you for understanding.