Gallery private appointment

Private appointment for highly detailed and embellished body art services.

Private appointments are perfect for  individuals or small groups up to 4 people before a party or themed event where you want your makeup to really stand out.  

  • Prenatal Belly Painting: Have that gorgeous “bump” turned into a landscape, floral design, favorite cartoon character, sports logo or fine art to match your nursery.
  • Sugar skull makeup: combines the best elements of art, makeup and face paint!
  • halloween makeup
  • masquerade makeup
  • art events
  • trick or treating
  • club nights
  • ladies night
  • parades
  • performance makeup
  • birthdays
  • etc.

Professionals paint at a pace of 1-4 people/hr, students 1-2 people/hr   

In home - Private appointments are usually delivered on site at customers address. If adding student services keep in mind it is in addition to a professional artist so you will have 2 artists providing services. Bookings are minimum 60 minutes within 5 miles of 90405 just like other types of booking, 90 minute minimum for all others.

Please fill out the form for a personalized estimate to receive a recommendation on length of time for booking.

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