For all of 2019 I decided to experiment with fantasy color in my hair and to have dreadlocks.  I have always wanted to try dreads and so I had a professional create about 10 dreads in my hair, spread out over my entire head. I alternated between dying my hair myself and having it done professionally. I intended on keeping the dreads for longer but I found that fantasy color and dreads have very different maintenance protocols and it was quite a challenge to take care of both aspects of my hair properly.

The top 10 things I learned from having rainbow unicorn hair 

1. The kids love it
2. Some "well-adjusted" adults loved it, but it didn't seem to inspire closer relationships with said individuals.
3. Lots of people told me they have always wanted to do something like that but didn't have the guts.
4. Complete strangers felt compelled to speak to me and give me compliments.
5. I received a lot of attention for my hair, but most of this attention was not from the people I would like to be receiving attention from. (see 5a-c).
5a. Who are these people you ask? Well... Channing Tatum and anyone who has the personality, looks, dances like Channing Tatum (bonus for all three).
5b. Also, other people I am inspired by, admire, respect, etc etc etc.
5c. Peers and/or other professionals
6. The conversations that started about my hair never really seem to go anywhere other than talking about hair. I accept responsibility for my portion of this, but I really did try! 
7. I found out it is possible to take dreads out with out having to cut all your hair off, but about 1/3 of the length of the dreads at the bottom was all broken hair.
8. A bizarre irony exists in my life where I don't want attention about my hair, but here I am again, talking about my hair.
9. See above.
10. Because I decided I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on maintaining the color, I am now much more familiar with hair color and even bleach. I empowered myself to learn a new medium and although I will never be an expert in this area, I am a lot less intimidated by hair color than before and I will be able to communicate my requests to professionals more thoroughly because I have some of my own knowledge!

I felt it was taking a lot of time and energy to maintain this look and it wasn't translating into much. Therefore I decided to put my focus on improving my skills and stop distracting people.

Main takeaway-I am trying to see if I can direct people's attention to my work, not my look. Because this is what is going to move my life up and up. (I think)