Introducing body positivity role model Jennah Delforce. Yoga Munkee Body Art is so excited to share Jennah's beauty and inspiring message through the platform of body art! 
Jennah has the same birthday as my late father and I think that's super special. 
@Ventxr Tyler Faulkner Photography 
How do you stay motivated to take care of your body?
I am not my body, but I must take care of my body. My body is a car, my consciousness is the driver and life is the road. How my car looks on the outside will influence who looks at me, but as long as I fuel it & take care of it properly, as long as it runs well under the hood, lack of attention will never affect my ability to reach my desired location. If I remain stagnant for long periods of time, or out in cold weather, it may be difficult for the car's engine to reignite a flame. The road can be bumpy or smooth, but where I end up is solely decided by the determination of the driver.
How much of your identity is connected to your body?
My physical body has certain limitations that only my conscious mind can overcome, and vice versa. So I like to see myself as two beings, two identities. In part, I Am the body that walks this Earth, but I Am a limitless energetic being, and that is what I believe I will return to after this human experience. I come from the same source of energy that all life comes from. My purpose is to follow my heart, to help and serve Life. Never underestimate how many people you can inspire by being, unapologetically, yourself.
What would you like others to know about their body?
Within your heart lies an untapped ocean of possibilities, known to every great Soul who ever left their mark on this world. No one can stop you from attracting everything you have ever wished for, if you so choose to believe it’s possible. For long, I lived in fear of what other people would think if I revealed my true self; as social animals this fear is our very nature. It is liberating beyond words to be able to release this fear and embody everything you know deep down you desire. Faith will take you far. Our physical bodies are endlessly capable, beautiful and powerful. When you align what you think with what you feel, you immediately begin to attract to you, all that you could ever wish for.