As March 17th draws near, people across several parts of the world are gearing up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day has been observed for over 1000 years by people of Irish descent. It’s a day set aside to honor St. Patrick for introducing Christianity to Emerald Isle. The celebration falls during the Lent and waives the rule against meat consumption for that day.

Of course, this would have many jumping for joy. The best thing about this celebration is, you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate too. So let’s dive right into how to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Irish or not.

  • Send out your invites. The whole idea of a party is to get a substantial number of people at your selected location and celebrate with them. So first things first, let all your invitees know you will be hosting a party. Choose a card that embodies the St. Patrick’s Day theme. State the time and place and any other information your invitees need. Don’t invite more people than you can host.

  • Prepare the menu. What’s a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without food? Remember, you have to serve traditional Irish foods that leave everyone with dancing taste buds. Good options are corned beef, Irish Soda bread, potatoes, Irish beef stew, shamrock-shaped cookies, cakes, apple tart, and so on.

  • Know your drinks. Beer and whiskey are a great start, but not all your guests will be interested in them. So definitely go all out on bringing the spirit of the celebration to your party with drinks like Irish mojito, Irish coffee, Irish car bomb, and green smoothie.

  • Dress for the occasion. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s a dress code to that. Aside from all things green, you can get creative with your St. Patrick’s Day attire. Try leprechaun look, shamrock look, customized shirts, and more. Accessorize with stunning items from an online or local store such as St. Patrick’s Day hats, bracelets, necklaces, masks, headbands, and shamrock cutouts.

  • Décor is everything. Your St. Patrick’s Day party decoration can be the most exciting décor you ever did. There are lots of ideas and decorative items to play with. These include table skirts, party beads, door banners, standees, Irish pub entrance, curtains, St. Patrick’s Day tableware, and more.

  • Favors. St. Patrick’s Day party favors are almost as relevant as the day itself. It is the perfect opportunity to show warmth, love, and care to friends and family. Hand out these small gifts or favors according to the theme of your party and watch how your party room radiates with heartfelt gratitude and joy. Ideas include St. Patrick’s Day parade kit, shamrock-shaped half yard drinking glass, rubber ducks, leprechaun loot, shamrock pens, bracelets, and even treat bags.  

    When you have the right food, decor, and atmosphere at your St. Patrick’s Day party, your guests will never want to leave! Make sure you purchase from a professional who can recommend the best party supplies in your area!

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