By Shannon Buckley
Yoga Munkee Body Art

So it is the end of the day and you would like to know the most enjoyable way to remove your child's (or your) face paint!  I want the experience to be a positive one for you so read this simple list.

The first step I like to do is wash the face with a child-safe facial cleanser and washcloth to remove the bulk of the face paint.  Then there are a few tips and tricks to easily clean up the remainder.

I use high quality, professional face paints which are comparable to make up.  For this reason, using disposable makeup wipes is an excellent approach to removing face paint.

I paint my own face quite often and most of the time, my facial soap is all I need to remove face paint. However, sometimes, depending on the color of paint, some colors are more difficult to remove from the skin on the first pass and need a little extra care.  For example, black and green seem to temporarily stain the skin more than some other colors.  This is when you want to use any kind of oil from the kitchen- I suggest coconut oil or olive oil to remove the stain. I have also found that eye makeup remover works very well for this use as well. 

Body adhesive from gemstones and embellishments can be easily removed with makeup wipes, eye makeup remover or coconut oil.

I hope you found this article helpful to help you remove face paint.  Please leave a comment if you have other questions I can help with!