baby's first partyChildren are a delight and no one can deny that. One moment they are tiny little humans lying on their backs all day and in 365 days (which flies past like seconds) they are toddlers already thinking of walking. Yes, time flies when you have kids but what helps you and them remember those fond moments are the milestones you celebrate.

With your baby’s first birthday around the corner, you might have it covered in some ways or not at all. The first steps are to recognize that you get to decide everything, and it won’t be so in a few years. You certainly want this first birthday to be beautiful, memorable, and exciting. Here are tips that can guide you through a stress-free, doubt-free first birthday planning.

  1. The kind of party
    The kind of party you throw will be directly influenced by your budget. If you have been preparing for this for quite some time, you might have a good amount tucked away for it. In which case you can throw a large or eventful party with everything you can think of. A large party means more guests, and a small party means fewer guests. 
  2. The guest list
    From deciding the kind of party you can proceed to set up your guest list. Who are you inviting? Its things like this that make a baby’s birthday party wonderful to organize. Naturally, you would want your family and closest friends present and that can be all. Then perhaps a neighbor or two and some fellow moms. Your list should include their kids too. It’s best not to go heavy on the crowd because then the party gets too noisy and you might end up with a crying celebrant. 
  3. Location and Time
    Babies have lazy days every day, which means they live by their own schedule and everything else has to revolve around that. Choose a time you know your baby feels his/her best and can stay awake for a few hours. This may mean considering a morning party rather than the evening. 
    The location can be any number of places, and your home is a great first option. Having the party at home saves money and is a familiar environment for your little one. On the other hand, a park, restaurant, or children’s play space can be super fun. You won’t get stuck with too much prepping or even clean up. It is a costlier option, of course.
  4. Make the environment baby and party friendly
    A party is a party, and this means a theme, décor, fun, and more. Build the perfect baby birthday party with baby-friendly décor and theme. Choose shiny, colorful objects, balloons, stuffed animals, toys, and more. A fun theme like a cartoon character can set the mood. Don’t forget to baby proof the location for safety. 
  5. Watch out for the food
    Don’t get carried away and end up with only adult snacks or only kid snacks. It’s a party for both groups of people so everyone should get a snack or food and drink offering that suits their age.

Finally, be sure to get two cakes – one for your baby to dig into and the other for serving guests. After all the planning, sending invitations, and while documenting the event be sure to be present and enjoy your child’s first celebrated milestone.

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