Face painting is not just for children! Have the courage to try something different simply to see what happens! Try a creative face paint or makeup technique today to learn something new about yourself and possibly create an opportunity to connect with others! Self expression creates connection to ourselves and others.  When we are connected to ourselves, we make better choices and our ability to manage our lives increases. 

There are infinite methods of self empowerment and I am of the belief that in order to maximize any of these methods we must work at getting connected to our inner states.  If we aren't connected to ourselves then much of our efforts to better our lives are wasted because we don't have an internal awareness of the value we are accumulating.  We must learn to seek approval from within versus the outside world.  I know people who chase some definition of success for their entire life but feel empty inside because they don't really know what makes them happy. 

When we can take a step back from our emotions and from our thoughts and recognize that as opposed to owning these things, that they are instead something we are experiencing- we gain a tremendous amount of control and an opportunity to begin to manage our emotional and mental states.  The mind is such a powerful tool that once we can consciously alter our mental state, we tap into tools that allow us to become unstoppable. In addition, our emotions are a force that we may never fully understand but despite this fact, we must learn how to manage them and not allow them to unconsciously run our behavior. 

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Sometimes when I create art I struggle to connect to my motivation or inspiration but this piece is not one of those cases.  This sugar skull I painted is some of my best work because I had just completed a workshop in Long Beach with one of the most accomplished instructors in the face painting field specifically about sugar skulls.  To request a quote for a private appointment for sugar skull or other types of face painting. I personally adore the Disney movie Coco and since I have experienced a fair amount of loss in my loss I have come to appreciate Dia de los Muertos because it celebrates an aspect of life we simply can not escape, the end of the time in the body. I believe American culture has a lot to learn about how to deal with death and in the meantime I'm okay with being resourceful and learning from other cultures. 

Also, when it comes to making art, beauty is something that I always try to convey in my work and I think sugar skull face painting combines the best aspects of face painting and makeup.  It uses glitter, rhinestones, attractive makeup techniques, anatomy and the finest face painting products and styles to create extraordinary pieces of art.  This is one of my absolute favorite types of face painting to do and I wish people wanted to be painted this way more frequently through the year.  

 During my class series at Aunt Bessi's in West LA, attendees receive instruction on professional face painting products and techniques and will learn essentials to create better designs at home for costumes and festivals. 

To tie it all together, we looked at ways where creativity creates a flow of energy between our mind, body and soul which we can utilize for self-awareness. There are many benefits of self-awareness, including healthier relationship skills.  This is a big one because as we express ourselves with our creativity, it leads to greater connections with others, simply because we are proud to wear something that is a little or much different.  When people notice this, it gives us an opportunity to make a new connection.  Each new connection lies within it infinite possibilities and the stronger sense of self we have, the better we can navigate towards our goals which I'm confident to say, involve others in one way or another.  

My journey of conscious self-expression began in 2006 when I made a spontaneous purchase of a sewing machine, it was something I wanted ever since I was a child.  This sewing machine came to symbolize hope for me because I saw a light and a possibility. Now I am proud to have an Etsy shop with a selection of fun, handmade gifts and apparel.  At the time it was a long way off but it was a dream that entered my heart and I couldn't ignore it.  At the time, my communication skills and relationships were very damaged. My connection to my dream led me take responsibility for these shortcomings and improve myself with the hope of sharing my vision with the world.  I have trained myself for almost 15 years in entrepreneurship, leadership, craftsmanship and business management skills and I am overflowing with resources to share with you.  I look forward to being a part of your life and providing opportunities for creativity to our west Los Angeles community.