When I first became a face painter I really didn't know what I was in for.  I had gone back to school to complete a certificate program for speech and hearing sciences and was looking for part time work while I was taking classes.  Within about 2 weeks of one another... I was hired by two separate face painting companies, having never worked as a professional face painter before!  What were the chances of that!? Now, after developing myself as an entreprenuer since 2009 and being a professional face painter for 3 years I am offering classes for teens with on the job training. 

As time went on.. the feedback I began receiving from this form of art just motivated me to continue to pursue the craft.  It also was meaningful to me that I was interacting with people while making art, knowing the contrast of spending hours on my own working on a canvas and having to create the satisfaction of a determined "completion".  In face painting, someone is only going to sit in my chair for so long, and it is satisfying to complete art.


These are some of my favorite things about being a professional face painter.  I hope that after reading this, you have more appreciation for face painters and understand more depth about the work!

  • Face painters are invited to be a part of people's most cherished events
  • The paints that face painters use are very vivid, bright and colorful and they provide a great way to delight the audience!
  • Face painters get to learn about different cultures by getting hired to be at many different types of events. 
  • For artists who like children, face painting is a very fun way to interact with kids.  Kids are usually on their best behavior in order to get their face painted.
  • The expression on people's faces when they look in the mirror is the coolest experience to be a part of.  They are delighted and amazed.
  • Face painters provide a personalized, caring, creative interaction that is fun and transformative.  Personally, I enjoy it so much because I can really be present with someone while I'm painting them.
  • Endless opportunities to try different flavors of birthday cake! (in moderation of course)
  • One dynamic of the business is getting to interact with others around their relationship with their body.  In this time of awakening where many people are developing new relationships with their bodies, I am grateful to be a part of this conversation. I am grateful because it has expanded my awareness of my own body at the same time.
  • It's so much fun!
  • There are endless ways to be creative with this form of art through crafting. It is a wonderful way to tap into one's creativity and continue to open up that space while having consistent work.
  • Face painting is a great job for artists and a way to be involved in the community while making art and making people smile. 

These are some of my favorite things about being a professional face painter.  Also, now I hope you can see why I feel confident about sharing these gifts with more artists.  I have many opportunities to place face painting students in the community to begin having these experiences now and I'm raising funds for the necessary equipment to do so.  Please help me serve the teen population in Los Angeles by donating to my Gofundme campaign.  All expenses are itemized.. also if you have access to equipment and would rather donate equipment than money, please contact me!  Thank you