Body art, starting with face painting has given an entirely new meaning and hope to my life beyond my expectations. Most of my life I felt conflict between my inner voice and the message of the outside world.  This conflict resulted in not feeling at home in my body and struggling with body image due to my choice to believe what people told me that I couldn’t be an artist and be successful.

By happenstance, I discovered the need for entertainers at events and this was something that came naturally to my personality type and creative talents.  After working for two wonderful face painting companies in Denver, I had such great mentoring that I felt prepared to take the leap and step into the next stage of my vision. Ever since I woke up to my entrepreneurial dream in 2006 through my decision to start a fashion line people told me I should move from Colorado to California.

The move was only the beginning of stepping out of the way to allow my purpose to reveal itself through my life and my passion goes deep.  Through body art I aim to bring awareness to relationship with the body and the self, to create more fun and joy and empower others through the expansion of my body art business.



Photo by Ivonne Maria Photography