Shawna del Real's fast festival mask workshop blew me away today! We learned advanced techniques that will improve the quality of my face painting drastically! 

It was a busy busy weekend for me, I was up until past 2am because I was doing henna at chocolate and art show last night in DTLA and woke up at 8am today to pick up my student and drive to Long Beach for a class with the extraordinary Shawna del Real. I am delighted with myself for enrolling in this class many weeks ago when the opportunity presented itself. And I was so grateful to have my partner in crime Izzy with me today as well! 

There's a certain approach to line work that I've been wildly admiring and attempting to dissect on my own.  As a lifelong student and hustla, I have made a certain amount of progress.  This class just threw me leaps and bounds past where I was prior.  But wait, hold on one second- Practice is the only way it will make a difference.  

Can you believe we are living in a time where face painting is an actual job!? And that face painting class is a real thing!? Today I practiced many a rose leaf, over 50 tear drops, powders, blending, line work, swirls, outlining, lashes, leaves and more.  And I learned the gorgeous design I have been obsessing about for months!  Now it's just time for me to practice!

Backstory about Shawna and I: I found Shawna on Facebook before I moved to Los Angeles from Denver. I messaged her and introduced myself and asked if I could call her and ask some questions about being a face painter in Los Angeles.  She talked to me for an hour and insisted I get a facebook page- I hadn't been on Facebook for over 3 years before that phone call.  I made a page and Shawna added me to her artist group.. I got booked on a gig in LA before I even moved.  Shawna is extremely experienced and her work is superb!  The composition and beauty of her creations are delightful to appreciate.  She is not only a supremely talented artist, she is kind but fierce and advocates for our industry!  I have taken a few other classes from Shawna since 2017 and I am over the moon thrilled with the content from class today.  We learned next level composition techniques.   YEA BABY!!!!!!

Thank you Shawna!!! Interested in attending one of Shawna's workshops? CLICK HERE 




These are just my own opinions and I write this as a way to show my appreciation for my experience today.